• JOHN BLACKWELL A Trip to the Root of the Human Soul


Knowing God and Connecting to the Source of Life

Can we really know God? Dr. John Blackwell says we can indeed.

Dr. Blackwell uses the architecture and art found in the Cathedral of Chartres in France along with Abraham of the Old Testament and the four gospels of the New Testament to demonstrate that a primary knowing of God is possible and is what God desires.

Not only does your birthplace have an origin, but you can recognize it, see it, and return there from time to time. This has happened to many people. It can happen to you. "Origin of My Birthplace" will allow you to make your own connections and discover your own way. You can know and participate in the astonishing mystery that unfolds in your life.

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Dr. John Blackwell

Dr. John Blackwell is Dean of the Chapel at the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina. John has served as a faculty member in the areas of anthropology, religion, and literature. He is also a speaker and retreat leader with international experience. He is the author of seven books, including A Whole New World: The Gospel of Matthew, A Whole New World: The Gospel of Mark, and A Whole New World, the Gospel of John. John is currently working on his book on the Gospel of Luke.

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Dr. Blackwell’s book has helped me define what I have called for years “personal encounters” with God. His use of architecture, art, and most importantly scripture, not only helps me to better understand my encounters with the Creator but leaves me with a deep core feeling that even “little ole me” can have direct, primary knowledge of God.

Reverend John Williams

Origin of My Birthplace is a deeply personal and reflective guide to seeking a deeper connection with God. Nothing more beautiful exists in life than to know God directly. This book wonderfully celebrates the joy, completeness, and satisfaction of that beauty. It will take its reader on an intimate journey as connections to the Creator are discovered and cherished.

Meriah Moore

John Blackwell has the unique capacity to take stories from Scripture and blend them with our own needs in today’s world. This book is a good resource for those who want to know God in a more intimate way. Knowing John Blackwell personally and reading this book helps me to understand his deep compassion and loving care for others. Also, this book gives insight into how each of us has the responsibility and capacity to know God intimately and to love one another compassionately. This book is an education to my soul, and it has caused me to examine how my relationship with God affects my relationship with others.

Jean Ackiss